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A Day of Civil Securities Cover
A Day of Civil Securities
Japanese Release

May 27, 2013

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A Day of Civil Securities is the 1st omake of Hon Morino's Black Bullet.

A day of Civil Security is explained. Rentaro faces the daily threats known as Gastrea, alongside Shougen and their Initiators.


A man transforming into a Gastrea

A man transforming into a Gastrea.

A man walks about as he coughs violently, receiving attention from the people walking by. Rentaro walks pass the man and asks him if he's okay, only to be ambushed by the man turning into a Gastrea. However, as the man is turning into a Gastrea and begs for help, Shougen and Kayo drop from the sky and defeat it, shocking Rentaro. Noticing Rentaro, Shougen is disappointed to see him again, with Kayo questioning his nice conversation with a Gastrea. Following her earlier statement, she recalls the duties of Civil Security, and ponders Rentaro's Initiator's current whereabouts. Before she is answered Shougen tells her to drop the topic and ignore the young teen, calling him trash. From a distance, Tadashima congratulates them and begins to talk to Rentaro about Civil Security.

Kisara's personality shocks Rentaro and Enju

Kisara's personality shocks Rentaro and Enju.

Rentaro compares their duty to that of the common officer, stating that they are responsible for exterminating Gastrea, whilst protecting the people. Moments later, he gets a call from Kisara asking him to return to the company. Reaching back, he stands in front of the door as he feels a bad omen coming from the other side. Seconds before entering, Enju jumps him and tells him that Kisara is not acting like herself today. She informs Rentaro that she received sightings of a Stage II Gastrea, which will save their company from the red, she claims. She slams her hand on the table and tells him that there won't be a next time, telling him to hurry on out.

Rentaro and Shougen team-up

Rentaro and Shougen team-up.

Soon enough they hear and explosion and head out towards its location, leaving a confused Kisara behind. At the scene, Shougen and his Initiator contain the various Gastrea lurking about. He suddenly hears Rentaro evacuating the people, and approaches him and tells him not to get in his way while holding him by the collar. However, Rentaro returns the statement right back at him as he holds his arm, informing him that their duty is to protect the innocent. Enju quietly passes by both of them and tells them to stop their yapping so they can defeat the Gastrea. Before she can attack, Kayo stands behind her and claims that a stage II is too strong for her, but is proven wrong when Enju quickly defeats one; shocking Kayo. The four ready to fight the Gastrea in front of them. From a roof-top, Kagetane and Kohina watch them, saying that Rentaro can't protect anything.

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