Throughout this wiki, all names are spelled the way that the manga translators all over the web provide us with. However, the anime spellings are preferred and will be used. The Light Novel spellings for terms and characters in the Black Bullet universe will also be utilized.

Below is a list of names and their alternative spellings that have appeared in current or previous scanlations unless otherwise stated.

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Enju vs. The Original Gastrea
Official Name 


Kikunojyo Tendo
Official Name 
Kikunojyo Tendo
天童 菊之丞
Tendō Kikunojyo
Official Name 
Kisara Tendo
天童 木更
Tendō Kisara


Inheritance of the Seven Stars
Official Name 
Legacy of the Seven Stars
Shichisei no Isan
Heaven's Bridge
Official Name 
Ladder of Heaven
Ten no Hashigo


Rentaro Satomi
Official Name 
Rentaro Satomi
里見 蓮太郎
Satomi Rentarō


Official Name 
Shougen Ikuma
伊熊 将監
Ikuma Shōgen
Shadow Bullet - Sky Wind
Official Name 
Hidden Bullet: Sky Wind
隠弾 • 黒天風
Inzen Kokutenfuu
Subtle Shining Cave
Official Name 
Hidden Bullet: Subtle Shining Cave
隠弾 玄明窩
Inzen Genmeika


Kisara gets ready to leave
Official Name 
Tendo Civil Security Corporation
天童 民警 備会社
Tendō Civil Security Company
First Style, Number Eight
Official Name 
Tendo Combat Style: First Style, Number Eight
天童式戦闘術 一の型 八番
Tendō Shiki Sentō Jutsu Ichi No Kata Hachi Ban
Tendo Combat Style - Second Style, Number Sixteen
Official Name 
Tendo Combat Style: Second Style, Number Sixteen
天童式戦闘術 二の型 十六番
Tendō Shiki Sentō Jutsu Ni No Kata Jūroku Ban
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