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Cover 10
Chapter 10


Translated Title

The Land Where Humanity Was Exiled

Volume #3

Legacy of the Seven Stars arc

Japanese Release

May 27, 2013

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The Land Where Humanity Was Exiled is the 10th chapter of Kanzaki Shiden and Morinohon's Black Bullet.

Commencing their mission, Enju and Rentaro face several hardships in the forest. When it all seems save, however, Kayo Senju appears, injured, and holding her Lupara.


Rentaro saved by Enju

Rentaro saved by Enju.

Rentaro and Enju converse inside a dark cave about using the flashlight in their possession, noting as it is dark, but Rentaro states that if they do so they will be eventually found by Gastrea or, even worst, as he claims, Kagetane. However, he claims to understand that their current situation requires its use. When he turns it on, they inspect the surrounding area and are shocked to see the "Unexplored Territory" after the Gastrea breakout in the year 2021. Deciding to go outside to explore the nearby streets, Rentaro, unaware, is subsequently saved by Enju, who jumps on top of him and hides their presence from a Gastrea Stage IV located several feet away from them. Relieved to see the intimidating Gastrea leave, they pick themselves up, with Rentaro quickly congratulating Enju for saving them. When suddenly, they hear explosives nearby. Rentaro calls the person who used the explosives stupid, as they have just awaken the forest infected with Gastrea.

Enju and Rentaro see a Gastrea

Enju and Rentaro see a Gastrea.

Slowly turning their heads back, they are watched by a Lizard Stage IV Gastrea and quickly begin to run, with Enju carrying Rentaro, who tells her to run away if things get bad. However, he takes his words back and tells her that he is counting on her; Enju accepts as she tells him to leave it to her. Enju stops and readies to jump, causing Rentaro to shudder in fear. They momentarily evade the Gastrea but are forced to jump from a hill, reaching an incredible height.

Jumping Rabbit

Enju's high jump.

Whilst in the sky, Rentaro sees the "Ladder of Heaven", when he is hastily told that they will be landing soon. They begin to walk around after picking themselves up, being careful not to stumble upon the enemy. Full of confidence, Enju walks ahead of Rentaro. Suddenly, a gun is pointed at her head. The holder turns out to be Kayo, Shougen's Initiator. The young Initiator, with a heavily injured body, murmurs Enju's name, questioning if it really is Enju.

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  • Flashlight


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