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Chapter 4


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Volume #1

The Cursed Children arc

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October 27, 2012

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Convocation is the 4th chapter of Kanzaki Shiden and Morinohon's Black Bullet.

Starting their day by going to school, Rentaro and Enju wave each other goodbye. When suddenly Kisara comes to Rentaro's school and takes him with her to a meeting they were summoned to. Once they arrive, trouble is quick to arise.


Enju responds to Rentaro

Enju responds to Rentaro's question.

Watching the news Enju quickly realizes that the man next to Seitenshi is Rentaro's adoptive father, Kikunojyo Tendo. Calling him an old man, Rentaro looks at the time and quickly leaves his house with Enju and heads towards Enju's school on the landlady's bike. Along the way, Rentaro asks Enju if she is happy at school, to which she responds affirmatively. As they arrive to Enju's school, Mai, her friend, approaches her and begins to walk alongside her. Rentaro then leaves to go to his school, desiring not to as he rides the bike.

Kisara calls Rentaro weak

Kisara calls Rentaro weak.

After class ends, he receives a call from Kisara but ignores it, only to see said character appear next to him without him noticing, asking him why he is not picking up. She tells him to come with her to the Ministry of Defense, as they were summoned. The two exit the classroom and, Kisara questions Rentaro for Enju's rank if she were to switch partners, calling him weak and telling him that he needs to get stronger over and over several times. Enraged by her words, he yells at her and tells her to find herself another worker. Blushing in embarrassment and about to cry, Kisara turns around and walks away, but stops when her stomach begins to growl. Ordering Rentaro to give her something to eat as she does.

Shougen headbutts Rentaro

Shougen headbutts Rentaro.

Moments later, the two get on a train, with Kisara sleeping and talking in her sleep about getting revenge for her parents' death. A while later, they arrive to the meeting and, as a young lady opens the door, are welcomed inside. As soon as they reach the entrance, a man turns to look at them and calls them brats. Rentaro approaches the man, and, before being able to finish his question, is headbutted by the strong figure. However, he regains his posture and prepares for a fight.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Battles & Events[]

Weapons and Abilities used[]

Abilities used[]

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

Weapons used[]

  • None

Items used[]

  • Varanium (バラニウム Baraniumu)
  • Monolith (モノリス Monorisu)
  • Television
  • Bike
  • Watch


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