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Fighting Gastrea

Civil Security Corporation (民間警備会社, みんかんけいびかいしゃ, Minkankeibikaisha) is an organization that specializes in fighting Gastrea.


Soon after mankind lost the war against Gastrea in 2021, the humans organized 2-man combat teams to specifically fight against Gastrea: and thus Civil Security Corporation is born, or in short, Civil Security (民警 Minkei).[1]


During the ten years after mankind lost the war to Gastrea, Monoliths were created from Varanium, a metal that prevents Gastrea from entering secluded societies. However, some Gastrea managed to enter in spite of the barriers. In order to prevent the downfall of humanity a second time, Civil Security Corporation is created, with many corporations branching from it. The corporations organized two-man teams to fight the Gastrea, one being the Promoter, whom is tasked with analyzing battle situations, and the other being the Initiator, young girls with superhuman abilities.[2]

In order to reduce the death rate of detectives, a law came into effect, stating that in any incident in which Gastrea are involved, the detective cannot enter the premise without the accompaniment of a Civil Security Corporation.[3]

Civil Securities receive IP Rankings, which dictates the combined strength of the Promoter and Initiator, published by IISO.[4] Lower numbers such as those in the hundreds are considered extremely dangerous and strong combatants, whilst high numbers such as those in the one hundred thousands are considered low in strength.[5]

List of Civil Security Corporations[]

Name President Area Status
Tendo Civil Security Corporation Kisara Tendo Tokyo Area Active
Mika Island Civil Security Corporation Kagemochi Mikajima Tokyo Area Active
Katagiri Civil Security Corporation Tamaki Katagiri Tokyo Area Active

International Initiator Supervising Organization[]

Otherwise known as IISO (国際イニシエーター監督機構 Kokusai Inishiētā Kantoku Kikō), they publish the IP Ranking for all Initiators and Promoters by combining their strength. The International Initiator Supervising Organization also assigns an Initiator to a Promoter. When an Initiator dies, being one of the requirements for disbandment, the IISO will grant the Promoter a new Initiator, but in return will lower the Promoter's standings in IP Ranking.[6]

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