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Clear File 2

『ブラック・ブレット』クリアファイル 2


『Burakku Buretto』 Kuria Fuairu 2


Clear File


368 Yen

Japanese Release Date

July 10, 2013

The second Japanese Clear File (『ブラック・ブレット』クリアファイル 『Burakku Buretto』 Kuria Fuairu) of the Black Bullet series illustrated by Ukai Saki.

Description[edit | edit source]

Two clear files featuring Black Bullet's Rentaro Satomi, Enju Aihara and Kisara Tendo at the price of 368 Yen. It was illustrated by Ukai Saki and released on July 10, 2013 with a size of 31cm × 22cm and on an A4 storage size paper. The back of the clear file features Black Bullet's logo along with an intricate foreground.[1]

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