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Norowareta Kodomo-tachi

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Cursed Children (呪われた子供たち Norowareta Kodomo-tachi) are young girls that possess the Gastrea Virus.


A decade ago, when the Cursed Children were born, the mothers took note of their eye colors, and usually went insane when they saw the red eyes. There was a time when pregnant women would give birth by rivers and immediately throw their babies into the water for them to drown. As time passed, the Cursed Children isolated themselves from the humans and started their own lives in the Outer Area.[1]


Cursed Children killed by their mothers

Cursed Children killed by their mothers.

Cursed Children are young girls with superhuman abilities. The Cursed Children first came into existence ten years prior to the current time period, when mankind was defeated by Gastrea.[2] As stated by Matsuzaki, all Cursed Children are girls, with the sex of an embryo being long decided before cell specialization can take place; due to the Gastrea Virus.[3] However, under certain circumstances, they can, unlike normal Gastrea, control it and keep their human appearances. Further; said virus enters through the pregnant woman's mouth and is passed on to the child. Since the Gastrea only came into existence ten years ago, none of the Cursed Children are older then that. A common factor that all Cursed Children share is their red eyes, which they gain at birth.[4]


Cursed Children possess a vast amount of abilities. However, the young girls are born with unique, animal genes. They are fast, strong and possess enhanced recovery abilities.[5]


Humanity views these children as monsters, and treats them like so. Young girls have been seen stealing food to survive. When ambushed by humans, they are shown no mercy as displayed when a young girl, running away from a crowd of humans due to stealing food, is called a monster and forced on the ground against her will, called various names .[6] In addition, said young girl is taken to an isolated area and shot at by two policemen, left there to die whilst being told that it's because of them that the citizens can't live in peace.[7] Their condition of living is faulty; underground and with no shelter.[8] Despite this, there are several people who do not think of them as monsters; rather, humans or solely victims of society.[9]


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