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Drama CD - Black Bullet.png
Drama CD - The Worst Operation Ever

ドラマCD -史上最低の作戦


Dorama CD -Shijō Saitei no Sakusen


Drama CD


3,500 Yen

Japanese Release Date

March 2014

Drama CD (ドラマCD -史上最低の作戦 Dorama CD -Shijō Saitei no Sakusen) is the first Drama CD of the Black Bullet Light Novel by Kanzaki Shiden.

Description[edit | edit source]

The first Black Bullet Drama CD was announced on December 14, 2013. At 3,500 Yen, the CD contains a 60-minute audio conversation of certain Black Bullet characters; Rentaro Satomi, Enju Aihara, Kisara Tendo, Tina Sprout and Sumire Muroto, and further features the cast for the upcoming Black Bullet Anime by Kinema Citrus and Orange; Yuuki Kaji, Rina Hidaka, Yui Horie, Tomoyo Kurosawa and Yuko Kaida. It is scheduled for release and shipping around mid-March of the year 2014. Included is a short story, a set of three clear bookmarks and a set of replacement jackets.[1]

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