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Endless Scream
Endless Scream

エンドレス スクリーム


Endoresu Sukurīmu

Parent Ability

Repulsion Shield

Parent Item



Kagetane Hiruko

Endless Scream (エンドレス スクリーム Endoresu Sukurīmu) is a technique derived from the Repulsion Shield.


The user gently places their palm on their opponent's abdomen; electrical-like waves emitted from within as the technique commences charging. A bright light surges, encompassing and illuminating the area around the user, and the opponent,[1] shortly enough taking the shape of a spear which soars high above the ground, fading and becoming thin as it continues to tower the opponent. After the technique's initial invocation, the thick, transparent layer of the spear surrounding the user's palm slowly vanishes.[2] The spear effectively manages to create a sizable void where the user desires, and additionally prevents those who possess superhuman recovery from achieving such feat of instant recuperation. Endless Scream is formulated from the Repulsion Shield, allowing the user to point the shield itself towards the favored location and release the mighty spear towards the acknowledged course.[3]


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