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IP Rank (IP序列 IP Joretsu) is a ranking system based on the combined strength of the Promoter and Initiator.

Description[edit | edit source]

IP Ranking is an attribute published by the International Initiator Supervising Organization, otherwise known as IISO. It dictates the combined strength of an Initiator and a Promoter.[1] Additionally, the ranks are based off on the number of killed Gastrea and battle achievements.[2] Lower numbers such as those in the hundreds are considered extremely dangerous and powerful combatants, whilst high numbers such as those in the one hundred thousands are considered low in strength.[3]

List of IP Rankings[edit | edit source]

Promoter Initiator IP Rank Status
Rentaro Satomi Enju Aihara 210 Active
Shougen Ikuma Kayo Senju 1,584 Deceased
Kagetane Hiruko Kohina Hiruko 134 Frozen
Ayn Rand Tina Sprout 98 Revoked
Kisara Tendo Tina Sprout 9,200 Active
Tamaki Katagiri Yuzuki Katagiri 1,850 Active
Shouma Nagisawa Midori Fuse 970 Broken
Nagamasa Gadou Asaka Mibu 275 Broken
Shouma Nagisawa Asaka Mibu None Temporary
Andrei Litvintsev Yulia Kochenkova 77 Active

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References[edit | edit source]

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