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For the term, see Cursed Children.

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The Initiators




Primary Ability




Initiator (イニシエーター Inishiētā) are Cursed Children, individuals with the Gastrea Virus, that are partnered with an individual from the Civil Security Corporation.



Initiator's Ability - Physique

Initiator Enju Aihara defeats a Gastrea with a single kick.

Initiators are all Cursed Children, which subsequently means they are female, but are currently only seen to have pre-pubescent bodies, as the Gastrea Virus that gave rise to them has only existed for 10 years.



Initiators can outrun extremely fast Gastrea and attacks thrown at them whilst carrying their Promoters on their backs,[1] without losing any energy in the process.[2] Further; when Enju fights with a Gastrea that attacked her with web that glued her to the ground, Enju portrays remarkable speed as she frees herself and kills the Gastrea in mere seconds.[3]


As a result of the Gastrea blood in their veins, Initiators can recover their own wounds at an amazing rate. When they do so, smoke covers the wound and, after it clears, the spot appears unharmed.[4]

Animal Abilities[]

All Initiators carry a particular variation of the Gastrea virus that provides them with a Model. Each Model is named so because of the particular aspect of an animal their fighting capability resembles. For example, Enju Aihara is a Rabbit Model, which mean like a rabbit, the majority of her strength is concentrated in her legs, which is why when engaging in combat she proceeds to make use of kicks. Furthermore, her legs are hardened to the point of being able to break steel as is the case in the fight between her and Kohina Hiruko.


Name Model Promoter Status
Enju Aihara Rabbit Rentaro Satomi Active
Kayo Senju Dolphin Shougen Ikuma Deceased
Kohina Hiruko Mantis Kagetane Hiruko Revoked
Tina Sprout Owl Ayn Rand Revoked
Tina Sprout Owl Kisara Tendo Temporary
Yuzuki Katagiri Spider Tamaki Katagiri Active
Midori Fuse Cat Shouma Nagisawa Deceased
Asaka Mibu Unknown Gado Nagamasa Broken
Asaka Mibu Unknown Shouma Nagisawa Temporary
Yulia Kochenkova Cheetah Andrei Litvintsev Active

Other Initiators:[]

Some other initiators that were not mentioned or shown in the anime include: Ashley Springsteen (a.k.a. Giga Hedgehog, Rank 100), Irene Spencer (a.k.a. Meteorfall, Rank 95), Faye Kronmiller (a.k.a. Fer-de-Lance, a type of snake; Rank 88), Louise Zelazny (a.k.a. Blood Creek, Rank 70), and their leader Rita Salisbury (a.k.a. Pluto, Rank 21).[5] These initiators are all mechanized soldiers created by Ayn Rand, with Tina Sprout being the oldest. There are also the first and second ranked initiators, whose names are unknown. They have both defeated Stage V Gastrea, with the first ranked having defeated the previously-thought-to-be-invincible Taurus. [6]


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