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Initiator's Ability - Physique
Initiator's Ability: Physique

Gastrea Virus



Initiator's Ability: Physique is an ability used by the Initiators.


Initiators prove themselves to be great combatants when it comes to fighting Gastrea of low and high stages, as shown when Enju Aihara quickly annihilates a Stage I Gastrea with a single kick to the eye, as well as sending it several feet back with the impact of the kick.[1] This is further supported when she jumps many feet from the ground and crashes into a Gastrea, taking it to the ground with her and surely enough crushing it without any sign of fatigue.[2] Further testament to said statement is when Kayo jumps into the air and easily kicks Shougen Ikuma's Buster Sword with a foot, and with little to no effort at all, reaching his location in mere seconds.[3] They have also proven to be able to destroy the terrain around them with a single use of their weapons. Further, they are able to face many opponents at once.[4] Kohina's abilities are also displayed when she confronts Enju, executing multiple trees in the vicinity.[5]


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