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Below is a list of events from the Black Bullet series by Kanzaki Shiden.

An "event" is a momentous happening in the series' Timeline that effects current or past developments in the story, characters and their deaths, and places. Events are to be described from the time of initialization to the outcome that dictates the proceedings.


Historical Events (Pre-Plot)
Event Name Event Image
Great Gastrea War
Mankind versus Gastrea.png
Takaharu & Mafuyu's Funeral
Takaharu and Mafuyu's funeral.png
Rentaro Satomi Becomes a Tendo‏‎
Rentaro becomes a Tendo.png
My Savior...
Kisara saved by Rentaro.png

Civil Security arc[]

Civil Security arc
Event Name Event Image
Cleansing the Tokyo Area
Enju Aihara appears.png
Intertwining Paths
Intertwining Paths.png

The Cursed Children arc[]

The Cursed Children arc
Event Name Event Image
Kagetane asking Rentaro to join him.png

Legacy of the Seven Stars arc[]

Legacy of the Seven Stars arc
Event Name Event Image
Death of Shougen Ikuma
Shougen's final minutes.png