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Magata Elementary School
Magata Elementary School
Located In

Tokyo Area

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Manga Debut

Chapter 4

Magata Elementary School is a school in the Tokyo Area.


Magata Elementary School is a rather big building adorned with several commodities. The entrance is blocked by two, dark gates; which open during school time, and brick walls that circle around the vicinity. The path that follows the entrance, with a small pathway made of cement, appears to be lengthy and going uphill, reaching to the front entrance of the school. In front of the school there is a set of stairs, leading into the building. The school possesses three floors, each floor containing several transparent, large windows and, on the last floor, an antena.[1]

The inside of the school is spacious, with the halls containing shoe stands for the children to replace their shoes before going into a classroom.[2] The inside of the classrooms are also capacious; having several desks and supplies for the students and teachers.[3]


Magata Elementary School is located in an urban area, with many trees and greenery surrounding it.[4]


Locations in Magata Elementary School
Magata Elementary School's Halls
Front Entrance
Front Entrance


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