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Magata Public University
Magata Public University
Located In

Tokyo Area

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Manga Debut

Chapter 3

Magata Public University is a university in the Tokyo Area.


Magata Public University occupies a large area, with two large buildings facing each other and connected at the center, where another section of the large university is located, facing front. The middle building contains several small windows and an impressively large gate leading into the university. The yard displays several growing trees and a tall wall preventing entrance, with the university's name on a plate attached to the wall. The two buildings facing each other, portrayed as immensely large structures, possess a balcony and many small windows.[1]

On the bottom floor, Sumire Muroto's laboratory is located, along with the hospital affiliated with the university. Said hospital is vast, having its own waiting room and rooms for the patients. Sumire's laboratory, having a door with an intricately designed figure, contains a lot of space. There are several iron-stands around the room with many laboratory equipment. Additionally, the room contains a large board and enough space to fit Sumiaki Okajima's body in form of a Gastrea.[2] It also contains a refrigerator and some other home appliances.[3]


Magata Public University is located near a big city, with many trees encompassing the vicinity and a small road located nearby.[4]


Locations in Magata Public University
Hospital Rooms
Waiting Room
Hospital Waiting Area
Sumire's Lab
Sumire's Laboratory (Outside)
Inside of Sumire's Lab
Sumire's Laboratory (Inside)


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