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"Good luck at work."

— Mai in "At the End of Hesitation"

Mai (舞 Mai) is Enju Aihara's close friend.


Mai is a young, petite girl of light skin and small height. She possesses small eyebrows and thin lips, along with thick eyelashes. She keeps the whole of her forehead covered by her hair, which takes the form of a fringe splitting in the middle. Her hair flows and falls below her neck, covering her hears and partial parts of her cheeks.[1]

Mai's entire body is covered by an overall and a dark shirt underneath. The bottom of the overall, on both sides, is folded inwards. Mai also displays a set of white shoes and a small backpack.[1]


Mai is a kind child that, unlike most of society, does not bash the Cursed Children. When she was first introduced, the young girl displays a cheerful presence, with a big smile on her face at all time. Mai however, feared approaching Enju when it was revealed that she is a Cursed Child. Nonetheless, she puts said feelings aside and fixes Enju's bag, putting a note inside telling Enju good luck at work and later on leaving it at her house.[2]


The Cursed Children arc[]

Mai arrives to school when Enju and Rentaro are speaking. She greets them, with Enju quickly replying and telling her that it's great that she is also so energetic today. Mai simply smiles and notes Enju's unusual way of speaking. She then heads to class alongside Enju after waving goodbye at Rentaro.[2]

Legacy of the Seven Stars arc[]

Mai ignores Enju

Mai ignores Enju.

Soon after Enju's identity is revealed, the young girl being a Cursed Child, Mai is present when a crowd of kids encompass Enju and begin to insult her. However, when Enju tries to reach her, Mai, holding her hands together, turns around and begins to walk away.[3] As she walks away, she lowers her head and displays a frown on her face.[4]

Shortly thereafter, without Enju's awareness, she fixes her schoolbag and, placing a letter inside that tells her "good luck at work," leaves it at Enju's house.[5]




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