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Be aware that you will encounter heavy spoilers ahead!
This is a wiki that archives the events that happen in the Black Bullet Series; heavy spoilers can be easily spotted, policies must be followed, and you will always have a chance to edit an article.

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The Black Bullet Wiki is a website dedicated to providing resourceful information to the readers of the Black Bullet Novel written by Kanzaki Shiden, the Manga written by Kanzaki Shiden and illustrated Hon Morino, and the Anime produced by Kinema Citrus and Orange. We are currently managing over 256 Articles on this wiki. Help us polish our articles to their maximum potential by joining our community!
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Short Swords

A pair of two Short Swords utilized by Initiator Kohina Hiruko. Kohina displays great mastery over noted weapon, destroying rocky terrains in a single slash, and completely clearing paths covered in trees of high altitudes in mere seconds in one swift motion. The swords are kept encased in light-colored sheaths, which are attached to straps connected to her dress. The hilt of each sword is adorned with light-colored strapping, which encircles its length.

Recent Light Novel Chapter
The Cursed Children, Cover.png
Chapter 2: The Cursed Children
Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!

Rentaro and Enju enjoy a peaceful morning after Kagetane's assault on Civil Securities present at the meeting Seitenshi held. Soon enough, however, the joy comes to an end when Enju's identity is revealed at her school after a previous confrontation with Kagetane and Kohina. Shortly thereafter, Rentaro heads out in search of the Initiator; resulting unsuccessful. Albeit, the following day Enju attends school, much to Rentaro's horror as she is subsequently bashed by her peers. He consoles her and informs her that they will transfer school. Just then, Kisara calls his phone to reveal that the Original Gastrea has been spotted in the 32nd Area, where, unbeknownst to Rentaro, Kagetane awaits.

Read the full summary here.
Recent Manga Chapter
Cover 16.png
Chapter 16: You Are Here
Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!

After Endless Scream devastates Rentaro, he enters a limbo between life and death, where he encounters his younger self. Within the limbo, Rentaro witnesses the proceedings after his death; the Tokyo Area in shatters. Enju, however, does not give up on hope, claiming that Rentaro is still alive. Her determination gives Rentaro the courage to break through the wall of the living and the dead.

Read the full summary here.

Recent Anime Episode
Episode 6: Tragic Irony

Rentaro and Tina meet up once again on a sunny day, but Tina eventually receives a call from her boss, who informs her of the Tendo Civil Security Corporation and gives her the task of assassinating Kisara Tendo. Tina arrives at the company, only to be confronted by Rentaro himself. She then moves out, aiming to take Seitenshi's life once again. Enju then volunteers to go after the Initiator, unaware of her IP Rank: 97.

The latest episode: Tragic Irony, is out! Watch the story continue!
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The beauties of Black Bullet.
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My prepared...

Enju Aihara, The Cursed Children

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Regarding my schooling situation... well, I've been able to mainly forget about it over the past week. I went on a th…

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It's that time of year again; the new school year begins once again. Now, I'm probably giving away my age here, but seeing as barely anyone even visits this wiki anymore, nevermind bother to read my blogs, I think I'm in the clear. Grade 11 is a year which I had literally been warned for years on end prior to even beginning high school. Comments like: "It's one of the most important school years in high school, if not the most important" and "This year will determine which University you get accepted into, which will determine what your future will be like" are common things to hear from parents, high schoolers, and University students. Needless to say, I am nervous, but I have been nervous for several years now. The anxiety eventually sat…

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RE: Thrawn, Art, and The Bigger Picture

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When I first heard about Thrawn, it was through a Youtube video explaining who Thrawn was and his importance to Season 3 of Rebels, his debut on screen. After finishing the…

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