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The New Human Creation Plan is put into action
Mechanical Soldier

機械化兵士 (キカイカ ヘイシ)


Kikai-Ka Heishi

Primary Ability

Enhanced Melee



Mechanical Soldier (機械化兵士, キカイカ ヘイシ, Kikai-Ka Heishi) is a title given to individuals that possess Varanium-Infused body parts.


During the Great Gastrea War, brilliant scientists held an experiment titled the "New Human Creation Plan," in which Varanium alloy was utilized to craft the strongest soldiers; labeled as Mechanical Soldiers. Albeit, when it was discovered that the Cursed Children possessed superhuman capabilities, the plan was imminently brought to an end due to its inhuman procedures. Throughout the years, the term remained mute-leading the generation proceeding the "Despoiled Generation" to presuppose the New Human Creation Plan was an urban legend.[1]


Rokuro Kabuto

The power of a Mechanical Soldier.

Mechanical Soldiers are strong individuals that display abundant prowess when in combat. The soldiers exhibit variant abilities, such as defenses capable of blocking attacks from Stage IV Gastrea, and further possessing the ability to redirect approaching projectiles, such as bullets, with thin, transparent shields.[2] The soldiers are also able to execute tremendous force to oppress their targets at will.[3] However, to allow these tediously achievements, noted human is compelled to replace superlative amounts of their innards with Varanium machines.[4]

In addition to gaining lofty defensive techniques, several Mechanical Soldiers attain offensive abilities. Soldiers of this category have been noted to replace their limbs, or recuperate a lost limb through the same method, with Varanium. In the midst of battle, these soldiers exhibit titanic physical contact and supreme agility; a mere punch from Mechanical Soldier Rentaro Satomi was able to break through Kagetane Hiruko's strongest defense, one which is stipulated as the strongest shield.[5]

Although a mystery, Cursed Children have also been experimented on by the four sages. Tina Sprout, a Model Owl Initiator, is the result of such experiments; the Initiator has both the abilities of Gastrea and those of a Mechanical Soldier.[6]

List of Mechanical Soldiers[]

List of Hybrids[]


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