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Mika Island Civil Security Corporation

三ヶ島 民間警備会社


Mika Shima Minkankeibikaisha


Kagemochi Mikajima


Fighting Gastrea

Mika Island Civil Security Corporation (三ヶ島 民間警備会社 Mika Shima Minkankeibikaisha) is an organization owned by Kagemochi Mikajima.


Not much is known about this corporation, or its whereabouts, except that Promoter Shougen Ikuma, whom earned the title of Royal Ginder, and his Initiator Kayo Senju have an accumulated IP Rank of 1,584. Kagemochi Mikajima, the employer of noted corporation, is a calm man of seemingly high status,[1] as noted by Kisara Tendo, who states that all corporations present in the meeting held by Seitenshi to stop Kagetane Hiruko and Kohina Hiruko are of top class.[2] Shougen and Kayo did enter the mission to hunt down Kagetane and his daughter, but both died in the end.[3] As the mission reached its pinnacle, Promoter Shougen Ikuma was killed by Kagetane; voiding the company of one noted to be a powerhouse.[4]

List of Promoters and Initiators[]

Promoter Initiator IP Rank Status
Shougen Ikuma Kayo Senju 1,584 Deceased

Battles & Events[]



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