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Ayn Rand


United States


Make mechanised super soldiers

NEXT is a secret organization that focused on creating super soldiers, six of which were Cursed Children. It was the American counterpart to the New Humanity Creation Project.


The majority of NEXT's history remains unknown, but it was founded by Ayn Rand with the explicit purpose of making the perfect supersoldier. He began work on Cursed Children in this pursuit, and thus breaking his oath to only operate when needed, and with consent of the patient.


Barely anything is known about NEXT other than that they are a secret organization. The leader is Ayn Rand who had been an American scientist that created NEXT. He eventually had Tina Sprout be sent to Japan where she was to assassinate Seitenshi, the Protector of the Tokyo Area and this lead to an armed skirmish with members of the Civil Security Corporation. Eventually however, Tina had left and instead she joined up with Civ Sec. The current status of NEXT is unknown.

Known Members[]

Name Rank Status
Ayn Rand Leader Active
Tina Sprout Assassin Left