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New Human Creation Plan



Shin Jinrui Sōzō keikaku



The New Human Creation Plan (新人類創造計画 Shin Jinrui Sōzō keikaku) was a strategy humanity strove for during the Great Gastrea War.


Mankind is overwhelmed by the power Gastrea possess,[1] pushed into a corner and left with no other option but to experiment on humans; experiments which, as stated by Kayo Senju, were inhumane and unthought of before the deadly parasites began to claim humanity's spot at the top of the food chain.[2]

An experiment that was performed during this time period was one which utilized Varanium alloy to craft the strongest soldiers: Mechanical Soldiers. By replacing a human's innards or limbs, the human itself was able to manifest power foreign to men. However, after the discovery of the Cursed Children, the New Human Creation Plan was brought to an end—in prospect of its barbaric procedures.[2]

As time progressed, the New Human Creation Plan remained in the shadows, leading the generation proceeding the despoiled generation, as well as several other groups of people, to believe the experiments performed on humans were nothing more than an urban legend.[3]


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