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Outer Area
Outer Area
Located In

Tokyo Area

Manga Debut

Chapter 6

The Outer Area is situated within the Tokyo Area.


It is described by humanity as the shadow to its bustling neighboring district: Tokyo. Residing within are the Cursed Children, living throughout its darkness and living in poverty.[1]

Location and Design[]

Cursed Children living in the Outer Area

Cursed Children living in the Outer Area.

The Outer Area is in a faulty condition, with demolishing structures and cracked pavement prominent in several (if not all) sections. Buildings that once stood prevalent presently lack equilibrium. The rubble of demolished buildings accumulates itself on top of houses and edifices. The area itself contains zero electricity power, unbalanced light poles, and unsteady fences.[2] Despite its isolation, the Outer Area embraces a large amount of land, distributed and each given a number to indicate its longitude and latitude.[3]


Locations in the Outer Area


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