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Rentaro Satomi, Enju Aihara & Tadashima vs. Sumiaki Okajima


Civil Security Corporation vs. Kagetane Hiruko

Rentaro Satomi vs. Shougen Ikuma
Rentaro vs Shougen

The Cursed Children arc


Ministry of Defense, Tokyo Area


The battle is brought to an end.

Weapons & Abilities
  • None
  • None
Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Rentaro Satomi is slightly injured.
  • Shougen Ikuma is uninjured.

Rentaro Satomi vs. Shougen Ikuma is a fight between Promoter of Tendo Civil Security Corporation Rentaro Satomi and Promoter of Mika Island Civil Security Corporation Shougen Ikuma.


Kisara and Rentaro arrive to the meeting

Kisara and Rentaro arrive to the meeting.

After returning home from the mission of locating the Gastrea that invaded the Tokyo Area a day prior,[1] and confronting the infected Sumiaki Okajima,[2] Rentaro is informed by Kisara Tendo, his corporation's president, of a meeting they were summoned to at the Ministry of Defense.[3] The two soon exit Rentaro's school and head to their destination,[4] on a train.[5] When they finally arrive, a lady escorts them to the room where the meeting will be held, with Rentaro questioning if Enju should be here. Kisara informs him that her presences will not be necessary as they will solely discuss certain events. Their conversation is cut short when the woman calls their attention to tell them that they have arrived to the room, pointing towards a large door. Entering, they see many Civil Securities present. Shortly thereafter, they begin to walk deeper inside, and a hefty man appears behind Rentaro, insulting them because of their age.[6]


Rentaro regains his balance after Shougen's attack

Rentaro regains his balance.

Rentaro steps up and confronts the man, asking him for his company's name. However, Shougen simply smashes his forehead into Rentaro's without answering his question, pushing back. As Rentaro falls to the ground, Kisara shouts out his name, leading him land on his hand and regain his balance. Shougen grips his hand and calls Rentaro detestable, with Rentaro returning the insult.[7] As Shougen reaches for his Buster Sword, Rentaro holds his Springfield XD, in preparation for attack.[8] Shougen chuckles, questioning Rentaro's tool's whereabouts, noting as he is a Promoter. Confused, Rentaro can only stare at him as he questions the meaning behind his words; Shougen reveals to be talking about the Initiators. Before Rentaro can reply, Kisara comes next to him, reminding him of the reason they are here. Shougen, however, angrily asks Kisara to get out of his way. Before Shougen can attack Rentaro once again, a man tells him to stop, and that if he does not wish to, he can simply leave.[9]


Shougen steps down, heading towards his Initiator's location. When Rentaro looks at them, he ponders if the young girl next to him is his Initiator. Not long after, Kisara admits to Rentaro that she is glad Shougen was stopped, revealing his IP Rank to be 1,584, shocking him beyond belief. Minutes after, the meeting begins, with Seitenshi being the one to deliver the missions to the present Civil Securities. However, as she does so, the masked man appears to wreak havoc.[10]


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