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Repulsion Shield
Repulsion Shield
Parent Item



Kagetane Hiruko

Repulsion Shield, also referred to as the strongest shield, is a high level technique.


After replacing a superlative amount of their innards with Varanium machines, the user is able to emit a transparent shield that can block off any and all attacks coming from any direction. The shield can also return attacks and projectiles such as bullets from the original opposing side, as well as elongate enough to protect more than one person at a time.[1] It has also been stated that the shield is capable of blocking incoming attacks from Stage IV Gastrea, earning its title as the "strongest shield."[2] The users are also able to expand the sphere protecting them at a remarkable speed and utilize it as a form of offense.[3] Additionally, the user is able to point the shield itself towards a favored location and release a mighty spear towards the acknowledged course.[4]


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