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TV Anime Celebration Cover
TV Anime Celebration

TVアニメ おぬでんう

Translated Title

TV Anime Celebration

Japanese Release

October 2013

A Day of Civil Securities
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TV Anime Celebration is a short extra created by Hon Morino, in which the characters celebrate the upcoming anime.

The characters in the Black Bullet series converse about the upcoming anime and its possible contents, with Hon Mirino providing a list of the staff and cast.


Black Bullet Characters rejoice

Black Bullet Characters rejoice.

Enju and Kisara appear next to Rentaro holding a poster that has written on it the news of the Black Bullet anime that will soon arrive. Rentaro, fixing his shirt, looks at the poster in pure shock, asking if it is true. With all of the characters in the air, a list of staff and cast members is given, with the characters displaying their excitement. Enju recollects on their many battles, stating that it makes her excited to know that they will be able to see it animated. At the same time, Rentaro ponders what his battle with Kagetane will look like. Sequentially, he asks the others what scenes they believe will be added that manga had to cut, with Enju wondering if her bath scene will be added. Rentaro questions which bath scene she is talking about, leading her to kick him in the head. Whilst Rentaro and Enju argue, Kisara also begins to wonder what will be included in the anime. Seconds later, in Rentaro's house, Kisara begins to watch the television, when suddenly characters that have yet to appear in the manga come barging in. Outside, on the roof of Rentaro's house, Kagetane and Kohina stand as they ponder whether to enter the house or not. Once they enter, Rentaro tells him to leave, but the masked character reminds him that they must celebrate. Two characters then appear holding Black Bullet's Volume three, which leads Rentaro to accuse them of advertising.

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