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Great Gastrea War


Rentaro Satomi Becomes a Tendo‏‎

Takaharu and Mafuyu's funeral
Takaharu & Mafuyu's Funeral
Location Tokyo Area

2021 A.D.


Takaharu & Mafuyu's Funeral is an event that took place ten years prior to the current storyline.


Before the Gastrea Virus' uprising, Takaharu and Mafuyu lived with their son Rentaro Satomi. Additionally, Kikunojyo Tendo was a dear friend of the couple at the time. However, the two meet their end together during the bloodshed of the Great Gastrea War, with only a burned charcoal of the mishap remaining.[1]


Rentaro runs away

Rentaro runs away.

In 2021, a funeral for Takaharu and Mafuyu is held, with their son: Rentaro, present, as well as their dear friend Kikunojyo Tendo. During the funeral, Rentaro holds in his hand a burned charcoal, informed by Kikunojyo that it is the only remaining object of their death. Consecutively, the elderly man further griefs upon the fact that both his friends died at the same time. Explaining to Rentaro that they will not be able to show him their smiles anymore, as well as cook for him, he invites the young boy to live with him; as a Tendo. Albeit, Rentaro picks himself up and runs away from the funeral, concerning the others. As he runs, Kikunojyo calls out to him, but in return is silenced by the boy.[1]


Rentaro continues to run as tears fall from his eyes, telling himself that his parents are still alive and that he must find them; naming said objective his goal.[2] However, sometime later, he becomes a Tendo, meeting Kisara Tendo.[3]


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