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Yasuwaki Takuto
Takuto Yasuwaki

保脇 卓人


Yasuwaki Takuto




Male Male

Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color


Professional Status


Personal Status




Anime Debut

Episode 5

Japanese Voice

Subaru Kimura

English Voice

Scott Gibbs

 Takuto Yasuwaki is one of Seitenshi's bodyguards, who serves as Second Lieutenant and leader of the bodyguards. Shortly after Rentaro's promotion to an IP Rank of 300, it appears he has been fired by the latter since he was his superior.


Yasuwaki appears as a young male with pale skin, green eyes, light brown hair with the right side of his face covered by a fraction of his hair and is seen wearing glasses. He wears a white suit with a blue lining running down the collars and buttons. Underneath he carries a black vest that covers his neck entirely, with a yellow stripe around it. He also has a red tie which has gray at the top with white running down the middle. On his hands he wears a pair a white gloves, as on the side of his suit is a unsheathed sword.


At first glance Yasuwaki seemed to be a rather calm and kind person upon his introduction to Rentaro, who said that he hoped great work from him. However, in fact it is seen that he may be obsessive, as wanting to be the only person who should protect Seitenshi, and went even as far as to threaten Satomi at gunpoint into not taking the job. When Rentaro said he wouldn't take orders from the likes of him, Yasuwaki ordered two men to break Rentaro's arms and legs, possibly showing a cruel side to himself. He has a tendency to get angry very quickly as well, most notably at Rentaro for shooting him, to which he threatened him once more to kill him. He also doesn't seem to take the decisions of others lightly, such as the case when Rentaro had Seitenshi placed in a van because he feared that being in the limo was too dangerous, which only angered Yasuwaki. He may also seem to have a dislike for Civil Officers and Initiators. Yasuwaki may also enjoy tormenting others, such as Rentaro when he stated that he was now useless since Enju had been injured.

His cruel side is seen again when he shot Tina Sprout without hesitating, and was willing to shoot several times in order to kill her, despite the fact he had lead bullets. He was also seen to be slightly sadistic, taking pleasure in hurting Tina. He likes to take advantage of a situation as it suites him best, no matter the cost. However, he is seen to be very cowardly as well, such as trembling and falling into fear almost instantly after Seitenshi raised Rentaro to an IP Rank of 300, granting him access to Level 5 information, thus making Rentaro superior to Yasuwaki. After his finger was shot off, he was left terrified at the hands of Rentaro and started to cry after Rentaro threatened him to shoot him again if he ever got close to Tina again.