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The Tokyo Area
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Tōkyō eria

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Tokyo Area (東京エリア Tōkyō eria) is one of the remaining sanctums left for mankind.


The Tokyo Area is the capital of Japan, protected by several encompassing Monoliths and controlled by Seitenshi. Currently, it faces the threat of being destroyed by Kagetane Hiruko, who plans to release a Stage V Gastrea.[1]

Location and Design[]

After losing the war to Gastrea in the year 2021, Japan admits defeat, surrendering to the beastly parasites. However, not long after, Japan introduces humanity to the Monoliths, which gave them hope; the Tokyo Area being one of the five protected areas in Japan. Albeit, much to their misfortunes, Gastrea, in rare cases, still manage to enter the area.[2]

The Tokyo Area is an extensive metropolis occupied by Cursed Children, humans and, rarely, invading Gastrea. Several parts of the Tokyo Area appear as an abandoned wasteland, whilst others strike one as flourishing towns.[3] The buildings are tall and vast, and of different shapes. Inside the buildings, homes such as Sumiaki Okajima's, the available space is rather impressive, containing a balcony, living room, bedroom, bathroom and many more appliances.[4] The streets of a flourishing town appear highly populated and with expensive technology, having a large screen for public view engraved on a building. Several stores are also available for civilians, with the currency being in Yen.[5]

Outside of the Tokyo Area, abandoned Cursed Children reside.[6] Further outwards, the area known as the Unexplored Territory itself is infected with several Stage IV Gastrea, and is nothing more than a barren wasteland surrounded by large trees and standing on rocky terrains.[7]


Locations in the Tokyo Area


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