Unexplored Territory
Unexplored Territory

(み とうさ りょういき)


Mi Tōsa Ryōiki

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The Area Outside of the Monoliths

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Chapter 10

Unexplored Territory (未踏査領域, み とうさ りょういき, Mi Tōsa Ryōiki) is the area outside of the Monoliths infected with Gastrea.


After losing the war to Gastrea in 2021 A.D., humanity barricades itself within Monoliths to prevent the deadly parasites from eradicating the entire human race. As time progressed, the Unexplored Territory became foreign land to humans, and home to Gastrea in merely a decade.[1]

Location and DesignEdit

The Unexplored Territory

The Unexplored Territory.

The Unexplored Territory is located outside of the Monoliths, home to all Gastrea; varying from Stage I to Stage IV. The area itself is a barren wasteland spotting numerous, poorly alimented greenery that overtake the surrounding vicinity and reach incredible heights, preventing legions of light from reaching the surface.[1] The trees posses massive trunks and large crowns, with several branches that further exploit the vast surroundings.[2] Small rivers, leading to a nearby large body of water, can be spotted spread about in the entire territory. Additionally, an abundant amount of mountains stand clear to the naked eye.[3]

Structures in the area remain, albeit in poor conditions; moss is prominent on the floor and roof, with the cement used to built the floor appearing deteriorated and numerous cracks on the wall.[4] The unexplored area near the Tokyo Area contains a rundown church and a port. The church is a moderately large building encircled by bars encompassing its vicinity. The large gate leading inside the church is decorated with lamps attached to the wall on either side of the door. Above, a window and a cross can be spotted. A set of stairs is located near the church. Inside of the building are numerous seats and a table, with candles distributed around the room.[5] The port contains various buildings and renaming disasters of the Gastrea War—shattered glass spread on the ground and crushed formations. Light poles can be seen about in the area, as well as boats located in the water.[6] Underneath the water, noting but waste is present.[7]

Somewhere within the Unexplored Territory, the Ladder of Heaven, a weapon stipulated as the strongest and evilest, is located.[8]


Locations in the Unexplored Territory
Destroyed homes
Deteriorating Structures
Port - Far
Boats near the port
Boats near the port
Houses near the port
Houses near the port
Stairs near the church
Area surrounding the church
Inside of the church
Inside of the church


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