Solution to the grandfather paradox:

As any physicist knows, the grandfather paradox is, essentially, a question. If you went back in time and killed your grandfather, how are you still in existence? Would you not be inconceived? If so, if you did not exist, how would you have killed your grandfather, if as a result of you killing him,  you never existed? The soltuion to this is quite simple, though there is no exact name for it that I know of. To put it in the words of Steins;Gate, we must not think fo time as a simple arrow moving forward, but rather multiple arrows moving forward. The speed and, essentially, distance (amount of time) covered will inevitably vary between these "arrows". Of course, time is a human invention, and it is a simple, yet complex term describing our never-ending descent into entropy. Due to all of this being purely theoretical, we can assume that by utilizing some device or method, it is possible to travel from one "arrow" to another. Using the grandfather paradox once more, if I were to travel to another "arrow" and kill my grandfather, I would not exist there once that "arrow", which lags behind the one we are in, reaches the time in which I was born - October 12, 2002. This is all quite easy to picture, but it also raises a multitude of other questions. How will I find our current "arrow" and return if I do kill my grandfather in the other "arrow"? What will be the effects of this dimension-jumping technique, if there are any? Is this even possible?

Originally written April 26, 2017.

Published January 1, 2019.

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